Jobs for 15 Year Olds That Pay Well – How to Get The Best Ones

If you’re 15 and you’re interested in getting your very first job, you should know that there are places which do hire 15 year olds. Today, we’d like to make job hunting easier for you, by giving you lots of helpful information about part time jobs for 15 year olds. Before we being, we’d like to talk about the rules for hiring 15 year old. Employers need to follow the rules and knowing these rules will help you to understand how the system of hiring people your age actually works!Image of Jobs for 15 Year Olds Regulations

Rules may vary from country to country or region to region. Our guide is general, so don’t hesitate to look up specific rules from your municipal or federal government. You should be able to find lots of official government resources online.

In general, 15 year olds may be hired by employers of all types, as long as they work that 15 year olds are being hired for isn’t dangerous. Also, the 15 year old won’t be able to work for more than three hours per day while the school year is in full swing. As you can see, knowing the rules is useful. If you thought that it was possible to work for more hours while school is in session, it’s good to know that three hours is the maximum. Anyone who hires you will know these rules already. If school isn’t in session, you’ll be able to work for longer shifts!

Start the Hunt Online for Jobs for 15 Year Olds

We think that meeting employers face to face is really beneficial. However, it’s smart to start the initial hunt for employment online. It will save you time and energy when you check online jobs for 15 year olds. In other words, you won’t waste a lot of time visiting local restaurants and shops which just aren’t hiring right now!

Image of Online Job Search

If it’s summer, get your work permit organized first. It will make everything easier, as it’s actually possible to apply for some jobs online and you may need to a permit to qualify. Check the rules, get the permit if it’s needed and then start doing targeted Google searches for employment opportunities in your region. If school is in session and you want to work part-time, you won’t need to bother with a work permit. You may apply right away online if you want to, without worrying about that sort of red tape.

If you’ve made a resume, you may apply for a job online and then upload your resume when you do so. It’s quite common for job boards to offer this feature. So, we do recommend having a resume available, saved as a Word document. You’ll probably need it, although, sometimes, it won’t be necessary to upload it.

Image of Online ResumeAnother document that you may want to create is a cover letter. It’s smart to tweak a cover letter so that it’s personalized for each job that you apply for. Your cover letter is like a letter of introduction. It goes along with a resume. The cover letter tells the employer your intentions, includes a bit of information about your education, background and achievements, and states your interest in working for the employer’s company. You’ll find plenty of samples of cover letters online and you’ll also be able to find templates for these letters in many software programs. Basically, it’s a formal business letter which is one page in length.

If you want to create a cover letter and you’re not sure how to do it, please ask a parent, guardian or other adult for help. A teacher will probably be happy to assist you!

Is a Restaurant Right for You?

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There are plenty of restaurants that hire at 15. In fact, most 15 year olds start out with employment by working in restaurants. To find part time jobs for 15 year olds in the restaurant industry, visit local eateries and ask to speak to managers. Another option is looking for online job listings. Also, most communities have employment centers which feature job boards and other helpful tools. When you use these tips, you should find a good list of jobs for 15 year olds.

To get a job of this type, you should put together a resume. Even if you’ve never worked before, which is likely, take the time to make a resume which gives a prospective employer information about you.

If you’ve never made a resume, you should know that there are online templates for making resumes in Word and in other word processing software programs. As well, you probably know grown-ups, such as parents and teachers, who’ve put together many resumes over the years and who will be more than happy to help with yours! After you have a resume and photocopy it, you’ll be organized and ready to apply at places that hire at 15 near me.

Restaurants that hire at 15 may be fast-food joints or more formal restaurants. You may buss tables, wash dishes or work the cash register at a fast food eatery. There are lots of options. It’s also possible to find work back in the kitchen. For example, there are part time jobs for 15 year olds which involve salad prep and things like that. Where you can work at age 15 will depend on your area and it’s employment opportunities. However, restaurants are almost always an option and we recommend checking out jobs listings at these types of businesses if you want to get hired quickly.

Do You Want to Work in the Summer?

Image for Summer Job for 15 Year OldsWhen school is out for the summer, you may want to build your finances by getting a job! This is admirable and you should be proud of yourself! Some 15 year olds don’t have that much motivation and drive, so you’re special! Bear in mind that you’ll probably need a work permit in order to gain summer employment. You may access one from the office of the superintendent of schools. Each district has one of these types of offices.

All teens aged fourteen to seventeen will need to get work permits before they begin new jobs. Again, as we explained earlier, rules vary from nation to nation and area to area. This is a general guide, so the rules for your region may not be exactly the same as what we’ve talked about here. However, chances are good that you will need to get a work permit to become employed during the summertime.

Sometimes, a certificate of health from a doctor is also required. This is usually for teens aged fourteen to fifteen years of age. In terms of jobs that hire at 15 without a work permit, restaurants are good choices and local shops are also great choices. You’ve probably noticed some very young people working at local malls in the summer, or at shops on high streets or other popular shopping areas. If you’re interested in retail, looking for jobs in stores may be a smart strategy. It’s probably the most popular option for teens who want to get hired when they are really young, but don’t want to work in the restaurant business.

Look for Jobs for 15 Year Olds Today

As you can see, it’s quite possible to get hired even though you’re so young. Many employers love hiring young people, as they have lots of energy and the desire to learn. Young employees may be molded in order to fit the needs of a company.

If you get hired, show up on time, have a positive attitude and follow the rules. When you do, you’ll gain respect.

What Are the Best Jobs for 15 Year Olds That Pay Well?
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What Are the Best Jobs for 15 Year Olds That Pay Well?
If you're 15 and you're interested in getting your very first job, you should know that there are places which do have jobs for 15 year olds
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