Three Tips for Helping Your Teenager Find a Summer Job

Not all teenagers know what they will do when they finish high school or college. And there is no point in paying thousands of dollars for a year of tertiary education if they aren’t fully committed. A first job is a good way to spend a gap year, although convincing your teenager of this, may be more difficult. To help your argument, you need to sell the benefits of working, restrict the money you give them, and do all you can to help in the summer job search.

1. Sell the Benefits of Having a Job to Your Teenager

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Some teenagers need to be convinced that there are benefits to finding a summer job. Whilst the benefits may be perfectly obvious to you, if the child has yet to experience their first job then they don’t know what they are missing. Try to sell the following benefits of having a job:

  • Most teenagers are fashion conscious so more money means more choice of clothing,
  • Socializing with friends requires a constant source of money to fund attendance at movies and concerts,
  • Independence is usually high up there on teenage wish lists so owning their own car will happen a lot faster once they have a job.

2. Parents Should Fund Only the Essentials

Photo of Essential ThingsMost teenagers are disinclined to find a summer job if everything they want is provided for. So instead of giving them everything they ask for, provide them only with the essentials. And if possible, you should buy the essentials for them, instead of giving them the money to do it. To help determine what is essential from what isn’t, consider the following:

  • If new clothes are required, they can still choose them but be sure that you dictate which budget stores they can be purchased from,
  • Don’t give them money for entertainment as this is not essential,
  • If the child needs a new mobile phone, then it’s alright to buy one but only if the old phone doesn’t work. You shouldn’t be buying it just because they want a newer model.

3. Help Your Teenager With a Summer Job Search

Not all teenagers know what they want to do as soon as they leave high school or college. Having a boring job for the first year after college can help give them the time they need to work out what they want to do, whilst also teaching them the value of money. Help them get into their first job by doing the following:

  • Assist your teenager with assembling their curriculum vitae in a way that will appeal to employers,
  • Check job websites daily and have them apply for at least one job per day,
  • Print off several copies of your child’s CV and drive your child to the local shopping mall where suitable work for teenagers are often advertised on shop windows,
  • Keep telling your child that it is hard to get a job and that they need to persevere when job hunting.

Helping Your Teenager Get Their First Job

Jobs, even work for teenagers, aren’t easy to get in the current economy climate. But in order to get your teenager to make the decision to even start looking, you need to sell the benefits. You can help them along by restricting the money that you give them, and by helping prepare their job applications.

Three Tips for Helping Your Teenager Find a Summer Job
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Three Tips for Helping Your Teenager Find a Summer Job
Are you on the lookout for a summer job for your teenage child? These three tips will surely help you convince him or her to get employed, and earn some money.
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