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5 Useful Tools and Secrets For Web Designers

The world of web design is in a state of constant change. Not only do you need to know how to build an attractive, interactive site for visitors, but make said site compatible with smartphones, tablets and every other new gadget that makes it to the market. Business owners who know the Internet ropes have […]

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Make Money

Setup A WordPress Blog In One Day Membership Card

Our first infoproduct is complete! Using BoxShot King for our graphics

Well, that’s the membership card I created for our new curriculum. Pretty awesome looking graphics, huh? Can you believe it took be less than 2-minutes! I used the coolest, easiest to use, highly-affordable online software membership program called BoxShot King. I really can’t write too much right now, because we have loads to do before […]

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Seeking Successful Teens to Inteview for New Teen Success Book

Seeking teens ages 13 – 19 years old to be interviewed for a new Teen Success book. The teen must have achieved state, national or international recognition for breaking an age barrier in his/her discipline (for example, a child prodigy). Significant local success stories will be considered. Seeking teens from all disciplines, from the arts […]

4 Ways to Effectively Overcome Blogger’s Burnout

Although we own a couple dozen websites and blogs, my sisters and I never really get burnt-out…however, our crazy travel schedule prevents us from being consistent in our blogging habits. So, the below tips are great for all bloggers to read. Writing unique content for your blog day in and day out can become something […]

Best Social Media Tools to Increase Blog Traffic

Here’s a great guest article! We use everything, and I’ve always been meaning to up the Floating Social Bar up…hopefully you’ll see it up soon! Not only is blogging a fun way to spend your time as a child, but it can also be beneficial in terms of earning money. It’s important to start saving […]

Tips for Keeping a Blog

When you first start out as a blogger there are a lot of things you do not know. Even adult bloggers start out needing to learn a lot. Some of these things you need to learn can only be grasped through time and experience, but others are easy to master right away. Here are some […]

AdBlockers & More For Children’s Internet Safety

Featured in my “How To Start A Kid Blog For Fun & Profit” eBook, is my mom’s fantastic article entitled “Free Internet Safety Software and Add-Ons – Keeping Your Kids Safe Online”. In the article, she shares all the programs we live by. If it weren’t for these awesome programs, I don’t think my dad would […]