Do What You Love and You Will Survive (Or Better Yet, Thrive!)

It may have seemed as though I’ve given up on my CBC with you, Kelly, but I haven’t. I’m going to try my best to keep this CBC in continuation. Kelly’s Question: Do you feel challenged by the work you’re doing now?  What do you love best? What have you done that you’d rather not […]


ShannonCherry.com - After Rebranding - TheTeenBlogger.com

ShannonCherry.com Rebranding Before and After

Before After 1. Front Page. Before: Shannon’s site was pretty much a landing page. You could hardly find any content, contact, or anything else unless you clicked on some small URLs in the footer. Now: It has a nice front page, with links, images and more to help you find what content matters most to […]

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Digital Design


BuyPLRToday.com Rebranding Before and After

Before After Things I Changed Color scheme: The color scheme was changed from the light “mommy” blues to a professional “manly” blue and orange. Orange was chosen as the secondary color since it’s blue’s complimentary color (opposite on the color wheel). Logo Design: I researched Sue’s competitors, studied her target market, and wanted more than […]

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My First 1000 Challenge

Are you a competitive person? Are you motivated by a good challenge? Well, if you’re anything like my sisters and I, then I challenge you to join the “My First 1000 Challenge”! “First 1000″ what, you ask? Anything worth counting from your blog or website. Since my sisters and I each rebranded and redesigned all […]

Why Being Coached At A Young Age Has Helped Me and My Business

I’ve always wanted to be a part of a Cross Blog Conversation (CBC). And, it’s a good thing I waited. Rather than hosting my first CBC with a fellow teen blogger, I’m doing one with one of the most amazing women I know: Kelly McCausey of SoloSmarts.com I just have to say this is an […]

Plugins that No WordPress Blog Should Be Without

This is a guest post from Ken, who lists his Top 5 WordPress Plugins and shares why. Every single one of our blogs always has #2 and #3. If you have a blog, there is a good chance you are using WordPress to power it. WordPress is one of the most popular and feature rich […]

Seeking Successful Teens to Inteview for New Teen Success Book

Who We’re Looking For Seeking successful teens ages 13 – 18 years old to be interviewed for a new Teen Success book. A 13 year old bestselling author was challenged by her coach to write this book due to her international success. She believes including other teens would make the final product more interesting. Initial […]

4 Ways to Effectively Overcome Blogger’s Burnout

Although we own a couple dozen websites and blogs, my sisters and I never really get burnt-out…however, our crazy travel schedule prevents us from being consistent in our blogging habits. So, the below tips are great for all bloggers to read. Writing unique content for your blog day in and day out can become something […]

Best Social Media Tools to Increase Blog Traffic

Here’s a great guest article! We use everything, and I’ve always been meaning to up the Floating Social Bar up…hopefully you’ll see it up soon! Not only is blogging a fun way to spend your time as a child, but it can also be beneficial in terms of earning money. It’s important to start saving […]

5 Useful Tools and Secrets For Web Designers

The world of web design is in a state of constant change. Not only do you need to know how to build an attractive, interactive site for visitors, but make said site compatible with smartphones, tablets and every other new gadget that makes it to the market. Business owners who know the Internet ropes have […]

Tips for Keeping a Blog

When you first start out as a blogger there are a lot of things you do not know. Even adult bloggers start out needing to learn a lot. Some of these things you need to learn can only be grasped through time and experience, but others are easy to master right away. Here are some […]